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Annoucing Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors

We are happy to announce that Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors will be playing at the Crosby Memorial Park band shell from 3:45pm to 5:15pm as part of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.

Hans Blix & the Weapons InspectorsFor those that are not familiar with Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors, prepare for some pickin’ of mass destruction.

See the Schedule of Events for a listing of all the events of the Mountain Bike Festival.

Here is the official bio from Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors:

Hans Blix and the Weapons Inspectors is a 5-piece acoustic string band that plays an eclectic mix of music ranging from bluegrass to old-timey to folk to Irish fiddle tunes and more.  There’s something for almost every taste.  The band expresses its regrets to disco and hip-hop enthusiasts.
The band is named after a Swedish diplomat and his team of United Nations weapons inspectors who were kicked out of Iraq in the early 2000’s.  This led to the beginning of the Iraq war and a band name too good to pass up.
Hans Blix is made up of five good friends who share an appreciation for traditional music and pie, which they serve with coffee at weekly practice sessions.  Four of the five have day jobs in the field of conservation, so not only are they proficient with their musical instruments, but they also know their way around a wetland, a hardwood forest and a sensitive shoreland.  The fifth member is an attorney, which the band felt was a good strategic move should they ever need legal representation.  Plus, the guy plays a mean bass.  Other interests of band members include raising sheep, horses, chickens and kids, brewing beer, maple syruping, bicycling, taking on massive home-remodeling projects, coaching cross-country skiing, throwing great parties, and writing the next great American novel. 
Kristen Blann sings and plays fiddle, flute and accordion.  Mike Duval sings and plays rhythm guitar, harmonica and zither.  Kent Montgomery sings and plays mandolin.  Laurie Chamberlain sings and plays stand-up bass.  Phil Hunsicker sings and plays lead flatpick guitar.  When they all sing together, their harmonies are as tight as their friendship and as tasty as their weekly pies.

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