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Lineup Change – Announcing Dead Pigeons

Dead PigeonsWell, we find ourselves here again. The last time, we promise! Due to scheduling conflicts Saint Anyway has to bow out. Replacing them in the lineup is the Dead Pigeons. The Dead Pigeons are a 5 piece Americana/Folk band from Minneapolis/St. Paul. There debut album, Even If I Knew, is now available on iTunes or their site. If you would like to check out their music, their are 3 tracks available for streaming here.

While idea of a band named after deceased sky rats might seem odd, the music of the Dead Pigeons has no hint of decomp to it. Its fresh and foot-stomping fun.

Here is the Dead Pigeon’s bio (yep, this is all of it):
The Dead Pigeons formed on Tuesdays at Palmer’s Bar, on the West Bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Drew Peterson – lead singer, songwriter, guitar, banjo
Ryan Douglas Canyon – mandolin and backing vocals
Gretta Hunstiger – fiddle and backing vocals
Andy Carroll – bass
Daryn Christensen – drums and percussion

Unofficial Bio, provided by Matt Taylor of Sunshine Kitchen & Moonshine Lounge:

Drew Peterson, one of Minnesota’s most prolific songwriters, has been making and performing his own
brand of folk music in Minnesota for more than two decades. Drew was one half of the duo that made
up the Silver Creek based band, 40 Watt Bulb, who gained some real momentum in the industry and
threatened a breakthrough in 2006 with their album release Shovel’s Length Short. (Available here.)

But tragedy struck. The duo’s other half BJ Harly, suffered an injury that rendered him unable to play
his banjo.

Drew pressed on alone for a time, writing song after song, playing solo gigs across Minnesota. But
Drew has always been a magnet for talented musicians and soon he started playing with a new group of
outlaw artists.

The beautiful and talented fiddle player Gretta Hunstiger and stand up bassist Andy Carroll were the
fist to join the band, but were soon followed by Ryan Canyon on Mandolin and Daryn Christensen on
percussion. This band become known as The Dead Pigeons.

Quote from the Minnesota Daily: In the cities of noise pollution, The Dead Pigeons bring peace and

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