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Race Results Posted

CLMTBF - Cross County Mountain Bike RiceGreat race this weekend!  The weather was iffy all day but held out for some fun times.  Didn’t turn nasty till the last minute of the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival.

Thank you to all the participants and visitors.  We hope you had a good time.

Race results are here.

About The Weather

CLMTBF_LogoWell… the weatherpersons can’t seem to decide what Saturday has in store for us. Everyone seems to agree that will get rain on Saturday night, but there is a lot of versions of what may or may not happen during the Festival.

With that in mind, here is a weather reminder:  The MNDNR will determine if the weather is such that the trails will close, not anyone else. If they determine the trails are closed, they are closed, no exceptions.

Here is how trail closures will affect trail related activities:

Miners Mountain Race

  • If trails are closed before the race, the race will be cancelled.
  • If trails are closed during the race, racers will take the current standings as they pass through the start/finish line at the end of whatever lap they are on.

Miners Gamble Poker Ride

  • If trails are closed before the poker ride, the ride will be cancelled.

Bike Demos

  • If trails close, actually demoing a bike on the trail will no longer be allowed.

There will be no refunds for trail closures and event cancellations.

All other events and festival activities will be ongoing regardless of weather.

Less Than 12hrs Left

Online registration ends at 11:59pm tonight, Wednesday 11th, for the 2014 Cuyuna lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.

In-person registration will be available at the Crosby Memorial Park on June 13th, 7:00pm and 9:00pm during the Friday Night Concert/Friday Night Dinner.  You can also register before the Miners Mountain race on June 14th, 7:00am and 9:30am, also at the Crosby Memorial Park.

So if you haven’t already, register online today!


CLMTBF_LogoLess than a week to go and its time for the reminders for the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.


  • Online registration ends on Wednesday, June 11th at midnight.
  • There are two times to do in person registration after Wednesday. The first is during the Friday night Dinner and Concert at Crosby Memorial Park on June 13th, 7:00pm and 9:00pm. The second is day of the Miners Mountain Race on June 14th, 7:00am and 9:30am at the Crosby Memorial Park.
  • Any event that requires a pre-payment (Friday Night Dinner, Night Ride, etc.) also allows for registration in person at the times listed above.


  • As has been the case as previous festivals, we suggest a “park-n-ride” for most attendees. Park in town around Crosby Memorial Park and ride your bike to all the activities. Street and lot parking is actually pretty good in town. However, parking will be a rare commodity within the Cuyuna Country State Recreational Area. The Yawkey Unit parking lot will be closed and the Pennington Parking lot will be partially closed for this event.
  • We recommend the Crosby Memorial Park parking lot for racers, as well as street parking along 2nd Street. Parking is also available along 3rd Street. The Croft Mine parking lot is an option also. (See map below.)

Lights Over Yawkey Night Ride (Friday, June 13th):

  • Night Ride 1

    Cuyuna at night. Sweetness.

    Meet at Croft Mine parking lot at 9:00pm.

  • Lights are required. You will have to supply your own. Please ensure that the lights work and all the batteries and cabling is in good working order.
  • Helmets are required. Gloves and eye protection (cycling glasses) are also recommended.

Miners Mountain XC Race (Saturday, June 14th):

  • CLMTBF - Cross County Mountain Bike RiceMandatory racer meeting will be at the Crosby Memorial Park at 10:00am. Racers will then roll out from there to the bike parade/warm-up to the start finish line.
  • Course will be closed from 7:00am to after race finish. If you wish to pre-ride the course, we recommend downloading the maps and riding in the days before the race, such as on Friday.
  • This will be a mass staggered start by classes. Please listen to the announcements regarding lineup and class spacing. Experts will go first, Sport second, and Beginner third.
  • Course marshals will be on the course. Please follow their directives.
  • The course can be surprising. (This is especially true of the Expert course.) Even if you have rode these trails before, at race speeds they will be much more challenging. While we will have patrollers regularly sweeping the course, we do recommend you have a few emergency items with you.
  • If you have a safety or technical issue, please inform the closest course marshal. If you see someone in need of assistance but unable to get to a course marshal, please inform the nearest course marshal. They will contact a patroller.


  • Park-n-ride is recommended for spectators, though it will be possible to park along the east bound side of the Overlook Road.
  • Cuyuna is home to Old Growth Poison Ivy, the Iron Jawed Ticks, and Stuka Skeeters with wingspans and speeds equal to unladen European Swallows. We suggest long socks (mid-calf or higher) and bug repellent so powerful it tingles/causes slight chemical burns on contact with the skin.

Tour de Park (Kids Race):

  • Kids Race - Tour de ParkParents will have to sign a waiver for their children to participate. (Seriously. Lawyers ruin everything…)
  • Helmets are required.

Miner’s Gamble Poker Ride:

  • Poker Ride maps will be available at the start point for the Poker Ride as well as online.

Bike Demos:

  • NinerNiner Jet9 RDO and LaMere from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, located in the Yawkey parking lot.

Award Ceremonies:

  • All award ceremonies will be held at the Crosby Memorial park directly following the event.


7 days, 5 days, GO!

CLMTBF_LogoWell, its down to that time.  A week to go till the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center!

So, to give you an overview of what you have in store for you (links to more information on most items):



Wow! A full plate of fun!

Online registration continues till midnight Wednesday June 11th, just 5 days away.  There will registration on site at Crosby Memorial Park Friday night during the concert/dinner and before the Miners Mountain Race.

So head over to registration page and register today!


Traveling Art Pub Comes to the Festival

Traveling Art PubAdding to festivities of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival will be the Traveling Art Pub.  It will be so nice to have a such a fun family oriented activity for those that might not inclined with the mountain biking racing.

The Traveling Art Pub is a collective of artists that put on fun and exciting art classes for all ages.  They will help you to produce your own masterpiece as well as having stencils and other tools for when you aren’t feeling your inner Picasso.  The Traveling Art Pub will be at Crosby Memorial Park between 12pm and 2pm.  We have updated the Schedule of Events also.

All materials and supplies provided by TAP— just show up with yourself, your kids/family, and paint a fun and creative masterpiece you can cherish for years to come!

Remember, the days are quickly dwindling down for online registration, so if you haven’t already, register now!

Below are a few bike related samples.

Learn more about them here.

TAP - Enjoy the RideTAP - I Want to Ride My Bike

2014 New Belgium Brewing Cruiser Bike

New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Cruiser Bike 1Our sustaining partner New Belgium Brewing provided us with a great Fat Tire cruiser bike to raffle off for 2014!  100% of proceeds from this raffle will go back into maintenance of the trails, both the red dirt ones and white snow ones.

The raffle will start with the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival and continue through the summer till the Cuyuna Lakes Klunker Ride & Scrap Metal Jamboree.  At the end of the festivities at the Klunker Ride, someone will go home with this amazing bike.  Tickets are $5 and will be available at the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew tent.  After the Festival the Fat Tire bike will be visiting various partners with a chance to purchase raffle tickets at partner locations.

New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Cruiser Bike 2That is not all though.  This year will be having a Cuyuna Rolling Raffle that will include prizes from Bontrager, Thomson, Shimano, Surly Bikes, and even more awesome stuff from New Belgium Brewing.

We need to thank our partners TONS for the support in offering attendees of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival (and beyond). such great raffle prizes.  A special thanks goes out to Cycle Path & Paddle for generously assembling the bike at no charge to the Crew.  They have been and a stalwart supporter of the Crew and biking in the community.  They also rent bikes, canoes, and paddle boards for all your Cuyuna needs.

New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Cruiser Bike 3How can repay these Partners?  Be sure to shop and use their services.  We’ve made it easy by creating some maps for you on the Crew site.

New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Cruiser Bike 4With a little less than 2 weeks till the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, if you haven’t already, register now!

Kids Race & Costume Parade

Kids Race - Tour de ParkYou know what is (generally) cute?  Kids.  And nothing beats the cute overload that is dozens of kids in the ultimate short-track race, the kids race, Tour de Park.  Marking the 3rd year for such festivities, the kids race returns for the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.  The Tour de Park is fun event where everyone has a great time and goes home with a prize.  This years Tour de Park race will be held at 3:00pm at the Crosby Memorial Park.  Just so everyone knows, the little tots will need helmets.

Maybe the Tour de Park is not your thing.  Well, join the racers of the Miner’s Mountain Cross Country race and plenty of others for the Costumed Bike Parade.  Racers will be meeting up for pre-race instructions at the Crosby Memorial Park and then will get an warm-up escort to the Pennington Unit of the Cuyuna Country State Recreational Area for the race beginning.  Put on your best bike safe costume and add some color to the procession as they pull through town.

Winner of the Best Costume for the bike parade will receive 4 tickets to Nickelodeon Universe and 4 Admissions to Moose Mountain Adventure Golf ($150 Value).

Costumed Bike Parade & Kids Race

Night Ride Ambassadors

Night Ride 1

Cuyuna at night. Sweetness.

The Night Ride is always a highlight of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival.  This years Night Ride will be no exception.  Adding to the fun of the the Night Ride this year will be an All-Star selection of ride leaders.

For the Expert group, Shawn Anderson and Brandt Elson will be leading the charge.  Both Shawn and Brandt are coaches for the local high school team.  Riding with them will be a chance to put on some real nighttime miles through the darkened Cuyuna woods.  Be prepared to love the burn.

If you like a good pace but also want to save some legs for the next days activities. Ron Plinske and Matt Sundquist will the ride leaders for  you.  They will be heading up the Intermediate group.  They are both accomplished riders and will show you the sights.

Bruce “Father Klunker” Swanson and Dan Brown will be leading up the Beginner group.  Both will be leading a ride that is measured in smiles per an hour not miles per hour.  No conformation on whether Bruce will have a Klunker for the night ride though.

Night Ride 2Women riders can choose to join the Ladies group, led by fellow high school team coach Kate Kunz.  Take a fun and memorable female friendly night ride through the red dirt trails.

Joining the night ride requires you to register, of course.  So hope over to the registration page and sign up today.


Swag Delivery

Feast your eyes on the picture below.  This is some of the sweet swag that will be available at the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.

New Belgium Brewing, one of the sustaining partners of the Festival, kindly provided this swag.  As you can see, we have sweet socks, shirts, frisbees, and hats.  How can you score some of this sweet swag?  Well, register now for the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival (which is 2 weeks away, btw) and be part of the awesome events.  Maybe you will score some of this sweet New Belgium Brewing swag.

Swag - New Belgium Brewing

Click to embiggen!