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Night Ride Ambassadors

Night Ride 1

Cuyuna at night. Sweetness.

The Night Ride is always a highlight of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival.  This years Night Ride will be no exception.  Adding to the fun of the the Night Ride this year will be an All-Star selection of ride leaders.

For the Expert group, Shawn Anderson and Brandt Elson will be leading the charge.  Both Shawn and Brandt are coaches for the local high school team.  Riding with them will be a chance to put on some real nighttime miles through the darkened Cuyuna woods.  Be prepared to love the burn.

If you like a good pace but also want to save some legs for the next days activities. Ron Plinske and Matt Sundquist will the ride leaders for  you.  They will be heading up the Intermediate group.  They are both accomplished riders and will show you the sights.

Bruce “Father Klunker” Swanson and Dan Brown will be leading up the Beginner group.  Both will be leading a ride that is measured in smiles per an hour not miles per hour.  No conformation on whether Bruce will have a Klunker for the night ride though.

Night Ride 2Women riders can choose to join the Ladies group, led by fellow high school team coach Kate Kunz.  Take a fun and memorable female friendly night ride through the red dirt trails.

Joining the night ride requires you to register, of course.  So hope over to the registration page and sign up today.