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CLMTBF_LogoLess than a week to go and its time for the reminders for the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.


  • Online registration ends on Wednesday, June 11th at midnight.
  • There are two times to do in person registration after Wednesday. The first is during the Friday night Dinner and Concert at Crosby Memorial Park on June 13th, 7:00pm and 9:00pm. The second is day of the Miners Mountain Race on June 14th, 7:00am and 9:30am at the Crosby Memorial Park.
  • Any event that requires a pre-payment (Friday Night Dinner, Night Ride, etc.) also allows for registration in person at the times listed above.


  • As has been the case as previous festivals, we suggest a “park-n-ride” for most attendees. Park in town around Crosby Memorial Park and ride your bike to all the activities. Street and lot parking is actually pretty good in town. However, parking will be a rare commodity within the Cuyuna Country State Recreational Area. The Yawkey Unit parking lot will be closed and the Pennington Parking lot will be partially closed for this event.
  • We recommend the Crosby Memorial Park parking lot for racers, as well as street parking along 2nd Street. Parking is also available along 3rd Street. The Croft Mine parking lot is an option also. (See map below.)

Lights Over Yawkey Night Ride (Friday, June 13th):

  • Night Ride 1

    Cuyuna at night. Sweetness.

    Meet at Croft Mine parking lot at 9:00pm.

  • Lights are required. You will have to supply your own. Please ensure that the lights work and all the batteries and cabling is in good working order.
  • Helmets are required. Gloves and eye protection (cycling glasses) are also recommended.

Miners Mountain XC Race (Saturday, June 14th):

  • CLMTBF - Cross County Mountain Bike RiceMandatory racer meeting will be at the Crosby Memorial Park at 10:00am. Racers will then roll out from there to the bike parade/warm-up to the start finish line.
  • Course will be closed from 7:00am to after race finish. If you wish to pre-ride the course, we recommend downloading the maps and riding in the days before the race, such as on Friday.
  • This will be a mass staggered start by classes. Please listen to the announcements regarding lineup and class spacing. Experts will go first, Sport second, and Beginner third.
  • Course marshals will be on the course. Please follow their directives.
  • The course can be surprising. (This is especially true of the Expert course.) Even if you have rode these trails before, at race speeds they will be much more challenging. While we will have patrollers regularly sweeping the course, we do recommend you have a few emergency items with you.
  • If you have a safety or technical issue, please inform the closest course marshal. If you see someone in need of assistance but unable to get to a course marshal, please inform the nearest course marshal. They will contact a patroller.


  • Park-n-ride is recommended for spectators, though it will be possible to park along the east bound side of the Overlook Road.
  • Cuyuna is home to Old Growth Poison Ivy, the Iron Jawed Ticks, and Stuka Skeeters with wingspans and speeds equal to unladen European Swallows. We suggest long socks (mid-calf or higher) and bug repellent so powerful it tingles/causes slight chemical burns on contact with the skin.

Tour de Park (Kids Race):

  • Kids Race - Tour de ParkParents will have to sign a waiver for their children to participate. (Seriously. Lawyers ruin everything…)
  • Helmets are required.

Miner’s Gamble Poker Ride:

  • Poker Ride maps will be available at the start point for the Poker Ride as well as online.

Bike Demos:

  • NinerNiner Jet9 RDO and LaMere from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, located in the Yawkey parking lot.

Award Ceremonies:

  • All award ceremonies will be held at the Crosby Memorial park directly following the event.


7 days, 5 days, GO!

CLMTBF_LogoWell, its down to that time.  A week to go till the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center!

So, to give you an overview of what you have in store for you (links to more information on most items):



Wow! A full plate of fun!

Online registration continues till midnight Wednesday June 11th, just 5 days away.  There will registration on site at Crosby Memorial Park Friday night during the concert/dinner and before the Miners Mountain Race.

So head over to registration page and register today!


Traveling Art Pub Comes to the Festival

Traveling Art PubAdding to festivities of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival will be the Traveling Art Pub.  It will be so nice to have a such a fun family oriented activity for those that might not inclined with the mountain biking racing.

The Traveling Art Pub is a collective of artists that put on fun and exciting art classes for all ages.  They will help you to produce your own masterpiece as well as having stencils and other tools for when you aren’t feeling your inner Picasso.  The Traveling Art Pub will be at Crosby Memorial Park between 12pm and 2pm.  We have updated the Schedule of Events also.

All materials and supplies provided by TAP— just show up with yourself, your kids/family, and paint a fun and creative masterpiece you can cherish for years to come!

Remember, the days are quickly dwindling down for online registration, so if you haven’t already, register now!

Below are a few bike related samples.

Learn more about them here.

TAP - Enjoy the RideTAP - I Want to Ride My Bike

Kids Race & Costume Parade

Kids Race - Tour de ParkYou know what is (generally) cute?  Kids.  And nothing beats the cute overload that is dozens of kids in the ultimate short-track race, the kids race, Tour de Park.  Marking the 3rd year for such festivities, the kids race returns for the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.  The Tour de Park is fun event where everyone has a great time and goes home with a prize.  This years Tour de Park race will be held at 3:00pm at the Crosby Memorial Park.  Just so everyone knows, the little tots will need helmets.

Maybe the Tour de Park is not your thing.  Well, join the racers of the Miner’s Mountain Cross Country race and plenty of others for the Costumed Bike Parade.  Racers will be meeting up for pre-race instructions at the Crosby Memorial Park and then will get an warm-up escort to the Pennington Unit of the Cuyuna Country State Recreational Area for the race beginning.  Put on your best bike safe costume and add some color to the procession as they pull through town.

Winner of the Best Costume for the bike parade will receive 4 tickets to Nickelodeon Universe and 4 Admissions to Moose Mountain Adventure Golf ($150 Value).

Costumed Bike Parade & Kids Race

Lineup Change – Announcing Dead Pigeons

Dead PigeonsWell, we find ourselves here again. The last time, we promise! Due to scheduling conflicts Saint Anyway has to bow out. Replacing them in the lineup is the Dead Pigeons. The Dead Pigeons are a 5 piece Americana/Folk band from Minneapolis/St. Paul. There debut album, Even If I Knew, is now available on iTunes or their site. If you would like to check out their music, their are 3 tracks available for streaming here.

While idea of a band named after deceased sky rats might seem odd, the music of the Dead Pigeons has no hint of decomp to it. Its fresh and foot-stomping fun.

Here is the Dead Pigeon’s bio (yep, this is all of it):
The Dead Pigeons formed on Tuesdays at Palmer’s Bar, on the West Bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Drew Peterson – lead singer, songwriter, guitar, banjo
Ryan Douglas Canyon – mandolin and backing vocals
Gretta Hunstiger – fiddle and backing vocals
Andy Carroll – bass
Daryn Christensen – drums and percussion

Unofficial Bio, provided by Matt Taylor of Sunshine Kitchen & Moonshine Lounge:

Drew Peterson, one of Minnesota’s most prolific songwriters, has been making and performing his own
brand of folk music in Minnesota for more than two decades. Drew was one half of the duo that made
up the Silver Creek based band, 40 Watt Bulb, who gained some real momentum in the industry and
threatened a breakthrough in 2006 with their album release Shovel’s Length Short. (Available here.)

But tragedy struck. The duo’s other half BJ Harly, suffered an injury that rendered him unable to play
his banjo.

Drew pressed on alone for a time, writing song after song, playing solo gigs across Minnesota. But
Drew has always been a magnet for talented musicians and soon he started playing with a new group of
outlaw artists.

The beautiful and talented fiddle player Gretta Hunstiger and stand up bassist Andy Carroll were the
fist to join the band, but were soon followed by Ryan Canyon on Mandolin and Daryn Christensen on
percussion. This band become known as The Dead Pigeons.

Quote from the Minnesota Daily: In the cities of noise pollution, The Dead Pigeons bring peace and

Lineup Change – Announcing Saint Anyway

Saint AnywayDue to some conflicts Tin Can Gin will have to bow out of the lineup for the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival.  Filling their position is the Duluth-based trio Saint Anyway.  Saint Anyway are purveyors of some hard chargin’ bluegrass.  While they haven’t quite been canonized yet, they will be at the Crosby Memorial bandshell from 6:15pm to 7:45pm.

Official bio from Saint Anywhere:

Saint Anyway is a “stomp-grass” trio comprised of Tony Petersen, Jamie Kallestad, and Dane Levinski. Originally from Northland region, the band honed their chops in the tightly knit (and lately renowned) indie music incubator of Duluth,  Minnesota but are frequently touring farther from home these days.  Now four albums and one EP deep into a promising career,  Saint Anyway is poised to strike out into the nation’s exploding roots/folk scene at large, with their muscular new 2013 release Live In Duluth pulling the wagon train.

Check out some of their music here:

Announcing Jackson & the Roosters

Jackson & the RoostersThe musical entertainment continues to build for the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Fest, presented by the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.  For those attending the FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERT, we have a special treat for you: Jackson & the Roosters.  These lively lands will surely put a spring in your step and have you crowing the night away.

If you will be having the FRIDAY EVENING DINNER or just checking in for the festivities, come and check them out as play at the Crosby Memorial Park bandshell between 6:00pm & 9:00pm, Friday, June 13th, 2014.

Official bio from Jackson & the Roosters:

Jackson & The Roosters incorporate a musical mix of Folk, Americana, Blues, Oldies and Soul to satisfy just about anyone’s musical bones. The band spontaneously formed in early October, 2013 to help Jackson honor a commitment to a show, but once the melodic chemistry manifested itself, Jackson & The Roosters have been set into full swing with performing and songwriting. Two band members, local graduates of the Cuyuna Lakes area, and two others from the sprawling Minneapolis suburbs, Jackson & The Roosters bring to the table a variety of musical tastes and styles that will surely entertain!

Announcing Tin Can Gin

Tin Can GinThe awesome music selection at the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center continues.  Adding to the already weapons grade bluegrass that is Hans Blix & The Weapon Inspectors, comes Tin Can Gin to give you a ‘grass hangover.  The alt-bluegrass ensemble from Duluth, MN will be playing the Crosby Memorial Park bandshell from 6:15pm to 7:45pm.

Tin Can Gin are have just released (04/20/14) their first, self-titled, album.  You can listen to the first single off it here:

See the Schedule of Events for a listing of all the events of the Mountain Bike Festival.

Here is the official bio from Tin Can Gin:

In the summer of 2011, childhood friends Harrison Olk and Trevor Marrin formed a folk band. Alongside, Bryan Nelson, they wrote songs and built up a very respectable repertoire. In September of 2011, they performed for their first time, proclaiming themselves as Tin Can Gin. Later on, fiddle virtuoso Nori Perrine joined on and expert musician, Mark Glen was soon to follow on bass. Over the next year, Tin Can Gin held gigs in various venues across the Midwest including performances at the Porcupine Mountain’s Music Festival, Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, The Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis, and Stage North in Washburn, WI. 

Tin Can Gin’s unique sound draws from each member’s personal music backgrounds. From Harrison’s traditional bluegrass upbringing, Bryan’s folk background, Nori’s Celtic melodies and the sultry rhythm of Mark’s bass lines, you’re sure to find a sound emitted that tickles your musical palate. This hurricane stew of influence brings out a style of music that is as bitter and sweet as the best IPA’s out there. 

Tin Can Gin just released their first self-titled studio album recorded at Sacred Heart Studios in Duluth, MN. 

Annoucing Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors

We are happy to announce that Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors will be playing at the Crosby Memorial Park band shell from 3:45pm to 5:15pm as part of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, presented by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center.

Hans Blix & the Weapons InspectorsFor those that are not familiar with Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors, prepare for some pickin’ of mass destruction.

See the Schedule of Events for a listing of all the events of the Mountain Bike Festival.

Here is the official bio from Hans Blix & the Weapon Inspectors:

Hans Blix and the Weapons Inspectors is a 5-piece acoustic string band that plays an eclectic mix of music ranging from bluegrass to old-timey to folk to Irish fiddle tunes and more.  There’s something for almost every taste.  The band expresses its regrets to disco and hip-hop enthusiasts.
The band is named after a Swedish diplomat and his team of United Nations weapons inspectors who were kicked out of Iraq in the early 2000’s.  This led to the beginning of the Iraq war and a band name too good to pass up.
Hans Blix is made up of five good friends who share an appreciation for traditional music and pie, which they serve with coffee at weekly practice sessions.  Four of the five have day jobs in the field of conservation, so not only are they proficient with their musical instruments, but they also know their way around a wetland, a hardwood forest and a sensitive shoreland.  The fifth member is an attorney, which the band felt was a good strategic move should they ever need legal representation.  Plus, the guy plays a mean bass.  Other interests of band members include raising sheep, horses, chickens and kids, brewing beer, maple syruping, bicycling, taking on massive home-remodeling projects, coaching cross-country skiing, throwing great parties, and writing the next great American novel. 
Kristen Blann sings and plays fiddle, flute and accordion.  Mike Duval sings and plays rhythm guitar, harmonica and zither.  Kent Montgomery sings and plays mandolin.  Laurie Chamberlain sings and plays stand-up bass.  Phil Hunsicker sings and plays lead flatpick guitar.  When they all sing together, their harmonies are as tight as their friendship and as tasty as their weekly pies.